How does the program work?

Once you receive your kit, you will find instructions on how to set up your Kajabi App as well as how to get in touch with us so we can assign you a daily coach and get you started.  

Do I have a coach?

  • Yes, you will be assigned a coach for the first 35 days that you will communicate with every day.   

Do I have to use my coach?

  • No, but it is highly recommended as we find people who use all aspects of the program do better 
  • A coach can also help to make sure you understand and are following the program properly.  

Can I exercise while I’m on the program?

  • If you are already exercising you may continue to, you may find that for the first couple of weeks you may need to back off the weights or cardio a little bit.   
  • If you are not currently exercising, we ask that you not start anything strenuous.   You could go for a walk or do yoga.  If you start anything too strenuous, you will be spiking your cortisol levels and we are trying to lower it. 

What is the cost of the program and what is included?

  • The program is $499 for the 35 days and includes
    • B2B Drops
    • Simply Relora
    • Simply Probiotic
    • Simply Silymarin drops
    • UltraLife 121
    • Personal Coach
    • Kajabi app & Community
    • Private Facebook group
    • Mindset videos
    • Welcome package

What happens after the 35 days?

  • If you are interested, you can talk to your coach about joining the Healthy Habits and Continued Success program.  

What is the Healthy Habits and Continued Success Program?

  • This is for after the 35 days and is a weekly meeting with a coach.  
  • Here you will add back 2 new foods each week and see how your body reacts to them
  • You will also receive weekly videos, information to help keep you motivated

Can anyone purchase products from you?

  • Yes anyone can purchase any of our products, you do not have to be apart of our Back To Basics or Health Habits and Continued Success Program
  • Our Protein Products are ideal for anyone looking for a snack packed with protein, or a quick snack after your work out at the gym. 
  • Our physician grade supplements are made for everyone.