About Human Fuel

Human Fuel began with the idea that all Canadians deserve the best supplements to achieve better health and weight loss goals. That is exactly why we have been working hard at creating a line that does just that. Whether you take advantage of our incredible multi-vitamin or hit a grand slam with our entire system, you will see the difference from this line.

  • Relora Review

    ... choosing to add Relora to my supplement arsenal was a win! I originally started to use it to help with sleep, which I have had success with! Bonus though, I have started to take a few here and there around that "special time of the month" to help with food cravings - which has really helped! I would highly recommend this product. It works great for me!
    ~ Rhonda

  • Back to Basics

    Back to Basics really opened my eyes to how certain foods affected the body! Hate to say I didn't think this program would help me because other programs never did - but Back to Basics proved me wrong and I saw the best results I've ever seen! The support form the coaches was everything!

    ~ Amanda

  • Coaching

    Mind blowing results! It's so easy to follow and reconnect with your body! And the support and guidance from the coaches is key!!